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That was amusing. Although i don't get the whole "i play a game and you have to watch me do it"-junk... And who the fuck is Pewdiepieedie anyway? Sounds like a ... tart.
So... are all these playgamefilmingbro's low lifeforms? I'd say - YES.
Thank you.

Whew! That made my day! XD

THAT - my dear sir - covers exactly my experiences. Well... most of them.

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Very nice testing. It let me overthink some of the steps i would take just in the moment the answers popped up. The reflex test was good, but it could be better. So... what if an unbitten person pops up and you "shoot" it? Bad luck? Hmm... maybe. But good reflexes alone won't help you if you kill your alies in accident.

First run through the quiz ===> 72%

Technique is what counts

First of all... Great game! Luv it! <3

Folks... buy the tank as soon as possible, then equip the AK and shoot your turtle 45° up in the sky. Full power! When it reaches space, you'll see a number defining it's way from the screen. When your turtle comes down back into the screen - shoot it - juggle it. And with 30 Rounds you get pretty far. Always use one shot only. That way i reached 1.800.000 ft distance easily. ^^

Have fun!

Did i mention that i like this little game? :)

What a fun smashin bashin slappin and killing

This game gives me all i need for spending some hours hitting my keyboard.
I like the way the collision works and ohhhh... folks, just play it yourself!

Fun all the way!

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I like this very much. Reminds me of a bit of Anarchy Online, which i played for a very long time...

It's an omen!

Looove this!

Yesterday i finished Lonesome Road... so i know what you are speaking of...
But the only flag worth following you carry deep in your heart. Just listen.

Give me more epic NV-awesomeness, please! I like it!


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